Rogerio Taveira

Eucalyptus, Wind, Flat Fields and Iron Framings

Framing an unrecognisable territory.
It’s not Australia although people plant eucalyptus everywhere.
It’s not Patagonia but in the winter the wind cuts like blades.
It’s not Estonia although heavy machinery flattens the wavy land.
Iron doesn’t have roots in this land. Only iron framings stand in the now abandoned flattened fields.

These abandoned football fields are a metaphor of the inability to deal with the shape of the land in a place where, once, Wellington stopped napoleon invaders using the territory as a fortress. This short film was shot following the Wellington lines, in northern Lisbon.

Director, camera, sound, editing:
Rogério Taveira was born in 1966. He is an architect (1989) with a PhD degree in Fine Arts (2011). Since 2006 he teaches in the Multimedia Art Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, where he is a researcher at the Artistic Studies Research Centre focusing on photography, moving image and digital media in contemporary art. His work focuses on the process of inhabiting the earth.

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